Good Work is built on the foundation of these 8 values.

If we could create the future of work that we want for ourselves, what would it look like?  It would always be safe.  It would be flexible around our lives but stable enough to support them.  We would have transparency into how it worked and we would share in its prosperity.  We would be heard, we would be supported, we would have room to grow and we would be paid fairly.

It’s simple, really. 
It’s Good Work.


Everyone deserves to be safe at work.

Good work allows workers to start a shift undeterred by fear that they may be harmed. Everyone deserves to be safe at work, always. 

“Safety comes in many forms, such as making sure that all families and caregivers are screened, security of personal information online, to ensuring that caregivers are working in a healthy and safe work environment”

– Sherwin Sheik, President and CEO of CareLinx


We are all at our best when our schedules allow us to balance work and life.

Good work is made possible when workers are not anxious about making an unexpected doctor’s appointment or making enough money to pay the bills. Everyone deserves a stable — but flexible — schedule to help balance work and life.

“Many of our designers have chosen freelance design. This brings great flexibility. We want to enable stability along side this.”

– Chris Fenneral, CEO and Cofounder of Sketchdeck


When everyone knows how things work, everything works better.

Good work clears the way for workers to do a good job by being transparent about requirements, performance and the rules. And that makes good business sense too.

“We give our customers and operators the benefit of the doubt to assume that they are smart, reasonable, and well intentioned – when you look at it that way transparency is an obvious choice.”

– Dan Teran, CEO of Managed by Q


When the platform thrives, the workers should thrive too.

Good work rewards workers, who are the engine powering the business. When the platform thrives, they should thrive too.

“We believe the future success of Q to be deeply rooted in shared prosperity.”

– Dan Teran, CEO of Managed by Q


Everyone needs fair pay and benefits to make a living.

Good work provides a living. That’s why we work — to live.

“Paying caregivers fair pay is the right thing to do.”

-Sheila Lirio Marcelo, CEO and Founder


Platforms are more successful when workers are heard and respected.

Good work recognizes that the value of the worker extends beyond performing a task. Everyone is more successful when workers are valued as part of the team.

“We take seriously what our experts have to say about our approach to projects and the technologies we build.”

– Adam Marcus, Cofounder and CTO of B12


New ways of working need new types of supports.

We all work better when we don’t feel isolated and alone. Good work supports us to adapt and manage in a rapidly changing economy.

“We believe our research community is one of LeadGenius’ greatest strengths. When people have trouble at work or at home, others step in to offer support.”

– Anand Kulkarni, CTO and Cofounder of LeadGenius


Everyone wants to grow and learn at work.

Good work provides opportunity for the most fundamental human need: to grow. All workers  deserve to grow and learn at work as they do in other areas of their life.

“We believe life is a journey of improvement. In everything you do, you should have the opportunity to learn and grow. This should not be reserved for employees in the office.”

-Chris Fenneral, CEO and Cofounder of SketchDeck